Expansion Joint Application and Design Course covers how to provide flexibility in the piping system by employing expansion joints to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction of sections of pipes or ducts. It discusses the parameters and conditions specified by the piping system designer and how to design an expansion joint as a cost-effective component of the piping system.

Our Expansion Joint course is approved for 8 hours towards PE/PDH credits. 90 days total is given to complete the online course, but the course can be completed in about 9 hours. It's completely online and you can save your progress and come back to it as many times as you need to. You should receive your certificate 2 weeks after all quizzes are completed, the final test is submitted and graded.

Large Diameter Expansion Joints In Service

This course was developed for the following disciplines...

  • Piping system designers that may decide to use expansion joints
  • Expansion joint designers that use the information provided by piping system designers to determine the best design to meet the requirements.
  • Designers that use modern software systems to evaluate different options
  • Engineers / Managers: field, maintenance, process, operations, construction, surveyors, etc.

Thermal Expansion

Understand the thermal expansion of pipes and know the different types of piping system designer tools. Be able do the steps to acquire a metal bellows expansion joint and walk through an example of a U.S. Bellows job.


Review the different types of expansion joints, including fabric and refractory-lines. Learn about bellows geometry, bellows instability, cycle life and metal bellows convolution parameters. Develop an understanding of related software and databases.

Stress Analysis

Overview expansion joint stress analysis and metallic bellows materials. Learn about bellows geometry more in-depth and the types of stresses on metal bellows. Understand the design considerations when designing expansion joints for the piping system.

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